Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Exciting stuff!

So the plant sale prep is creeping along. The mass mailing went out Sat (Thank you, Mark O!) The Super Duo of Sheree and Heather spent lots of saliva to help me get them stuffed and closed. {note to self... next time use a SPONGE!}

Connie M and Chris W, who rode to my rescue last year with Tomato plants and peppers, have graciously agreed to grow some tasty heirloom 'Maters! Abdel B. is down to grow some veggies, and Lynne and Sheree are open to helping (but don't exactly know how just yet). Plus, I have several people, including Sam F, coming to my "Pot Party" in April to help "pot up" all the plants that accumulate here. So no cannabis, but I'll have margaritas and Bon Jovi!

I got GREAT news from Laura at J.P. Bartlett Co in Sudbury, MA; they have pledged us more than 8 dozen plants that will be READY TO SELL! They are a wholesaler that specializes in Geraniums! HUGE THANK YOU to them.


I am prayin the email and the phone and the mail box keeps humming with more good news like this!

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