Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Site updates

A little admin stuff here...

You'll notice on the sidebar a few extra links.
  1. Donation Tracking Sheet for In-Kind Donations - in the interest of true transparency I am publicly posting all in-kind donations. The only data publicly available shall be Company name, City, State, Donation Type/Description, Dates of Pledge and Receipt. If you don't see your donation listed give me a nudge.
  2. Send a Monetary Donation - We are not a legally recognized charity fundraising entity, so we shall not be personally accepting monetary donations. Checks can be written and mailed to the address provided. At your direction, the funds can be turned over to CMN directly or they can be directed to us to be put toward the plant sale.
  3. Join our All-Volunteer Force - Fill out the form and sign your life away tell us how you would like to contribute your time and talents. "Many hands make light work."
  4. Countdown to Plant Sale - Clock code provided by

HOLY $%@*! Only 85 days?! Now I'm stressed. :|

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