Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Winter Sown containers

The top picture is our winter sown containers as of 2010.02.09. The bottom picture is the same containers with a nice blanket of snow (as of 2010.02.16).


  1. No, this is winter sowing. Things that naturally reseed do really well this way. Kind of like gardening in God's image.

  2. becka this is your kind of seed starting.. cheap and simple!

    Google it there are 2 forums and a FB page that explain it all .

    Plants grow outside from seed all the time.. the problem for gardens is its not all ways where we want or we can not ID them so you sow them in the winter in a container that you label and it keeps them from being eaten or washed away.
    Any special things you have to do to seeds that you start inside you can skip no soaking nicking abrading or chilling Mother Nature does all the work and God all ready programed the seeds to grow when they have a good shot at survival.

  3. stolen from comments on Google Buzz

    Maureen Jeanson - and the snow will or won't hurt them?8:38 am
    Aaron Tarver - will not. hurt the dirt and seeds that are in there.. If there were sprouts that would be a problem The snow is more like an insulating blanket. And it waters the seeds. The milk jugs are like mini cold frames or greenhouses.10:19 am

    Done removing comments
    Michelle Tarver - http://www.wintersown.org/ and http://forums2.gardenweb.com/forums/wtrsow/

    are the places to go read all about it. I have roughly 200 containers out there now. I hope to get 4-6 plants for the sale out of each. ( And 2 of each for me..so a total of 8 per jug) That's 1600 plants for the cost of soil . l spent about 100 bucks for that and ..I spent 300 on seeds and this is not even half of what I have to plant and I got just as many gifted by ppl at gardenweb..they LOVE sharing seeds and WinterSown.org has a seeds for SASE AND Ball hort donated a case of seeds 40 types of seeds some in a 1 pound package.

    Plus the seeds I collected from my yard... You know the plastic box grapes come in from Costco? I have 4 or 5 FILLED with seeds I still could plant. ( The Tender annuls and Herbs are 3 of those so I'll sow those in mid to late March.) What I have sown so far just in this pic should raise about $5000.00. for Childrens Hospital. ( if you avg the plants at $4.00)

    That's not including the 300 pots of perennial I over winters OR the 108 plants from Bartletts or the 25 from Proven winners in NH OR the 800 Lillie bulbs that should arrive next week. OR the 200 plants I have ( toms peppers and Herbs) I have growing under lights right now. Wow... I am closer to the goal than I thought! What I REALLY need now is people to work the sale.

  4. When is the best time to start seeds like this?
    Can I do it now?

  5. Hi Rick,
    It depends on where you live. The rule of thumb is if you need a coat at night you can still Winter Sow. The forum http://forums2.gardenweb.com/forums/wtrsow/ and the page http://www.wintersown.org/ tells you everything and introduces you to the rest of the club.
    Nice to meet ya... come back often!