Sunday, March 30, 2014

Seeds to trade: The following seeds have been donated to the plant sale and I can not use them. Hoping to trade for seeds I can use

  • vinca pacifica x P mix Xmas in July (ball seed)
  • Verbena Quartz x P red eye (ball seed)
  • lettuce Great lakes 659 (ball seed)
  • vinca pacifica x p magaenta (ball seed)
  • polygonum pink pin heads ( ball seed)
  • strawflower King red (ball seed)
  • pansy matrix sunrise (ball seed)
  • Vinca cooler raspberry (ball seed)
  • cleome queen mix (ball seed)
  • grass carex color grass Amazon mist ( ball seed)
  • alyssum wonderland pink (ball seed)
  • portulaca tequila orange (ball seed)
  • portulaca margarita cream (ball seed)
  • portulaca sundial scarlet (ball seed)
  • petunia yellow pop rocks (ball seed)
  • Marigold African Atlantis (ball seed)
  • petunia madness mix merlot (ball seed)
  • alyssum wonderland purple deep (ball seed)
  • slyddum Easter Bonnet lavender (ball seed)
  • portulaca sundial orange (ball seed)
  • portulaca sundial pink (ball seed)
  • petunia dreams burgundy (ball seed)
  • portulaca Sundial peppermint (ball seed)
  • alyssum wonderland lavender(ball seed)
  • impatiens super elfin x p mix bold (}ball seed)
  • Vinca:(Park Seed)
  • pacifica dark red
  • pacifica deep orchid
  • Petunia:(Park seed)
  • Debonair dusty rose
  • pink vein
  • celosia amigo scarlet (park seed)
  • Cactus ornamental blend (park seed)
  • Salvia patio pink (park seed)
  • Salvia Splendens Bon fire (park seed)
  • Petunia bella true rose hybrid (park seed)
  • Nicotina saratog rose(park seed)
  • Nicotiana perfume Lilac (park seed)
  • Pansy ideal lion lemon hybrid (park seed)
  • Marigold Big O boy mix (burpee)
  • Marigold flagstaff (burpee)
  • zinnia profusion orange (burpee)
  • lobelia crystal palace (burpee)
  • nemophila baby blue eyes (burpee)
Getting busy around here busy I forgot to post lat Sunday when I planted some more stuff under lights...
I planted
 Mortgage Lifter Tomato
Italian Market Wonder Tomato
Peron Sprayless Tomato
and Giant Belgium.

I plan on winter sowing some more stuff today Like tomatoes, I start a bunch under lights to have ready for May 1st and Winter Sow the rest for the the 15th or so of May. They do not fetch as much money as they are not as big as the ones grown under lights ..but man are they tough little plants.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Thanks for looking. Hope you can help

Thanks for following the link to my blog. Please read the letters below (links to printable documents included) to learn more about the plant sale and how you can help.

Information about Children's Hospital Plant sale

Ways you can help the plant sale

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Ok a Sunday to myself and I winter sowed the following
 Gaura lindheimeri aka wand flower
daisy Becky /Shasta
sacbiosa columbaria aka pincushion flower pink mist
rudbeckia hirta aka glorisoa daisy autum colors
matusmurae color purple
babys breath
echinacea aka purple cone flower
carnation chabaud picotee fantasy mix
holly hock zebrina
dianthus baby doll mix
dianthus sweet willam mix
hollyhock dwarf queeny mixed
mimosa pudica  aka sensitive plant
acer palmatum dissectum greenleaf cut leaf Japanese maple
 Then for fun I sowed some more hot peppers:
Moruga scorpion brain strain
orange Habanero
and ghost Bih Bhut jolokia