Sunday, March 16, 2014

Ok a Sunday to myself and I winter sowed the following
 Gaura lindheimeri aka wand flower
daisy Becky /Shasta
sacbiosa columbaria aka pincushion flower pink mist
rudbeckia hirta aka glorisoa daisy autum colors
matusmurae color purple
babys breath
echinacea aka purple cone flower
carnation chabaud picotee fantasy mix
holly hock zebrina
dianthus baby doll mix
dianthus sweet willam mix
hollyhock dwarf queeny mixed
mimosa pudica  aka sensitive plant
acer palmatum dissectum greenleaf cut leaf Japanese maple
 Then for fun I sowed some more hot peppers:
Moruga scorpion brain strain
orange Habanero
and ghost Bih Bhut jolokia

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