Monday, April 26, 2010

3” and 4” plastic pots*
Last seen containing your new nursery plants.

Charity plant sale to benefit Children's Hospital Boston desperately seeking plastic pots. If you have any to give, or know anyone who does, please contact me ASAP. {*virtually all sizes can be used}


Plant sale will be located in front of Costco Wholesale, 120 Stockwell Dr, Avon, MA
(Near IKEA and Jordan's) each Friday*Saturday*Sunday in May 2010.
Opening day is Friday, April 30.

Featuring plants grown by my family & friends and also donated by:
Arnold Arboretum, J.P. Bartlett Co, Zabo Plant, PW Pleasant View Gardens,
Garden Patch and more.

~ Perennials, Tomatoes, Veggies, Herbs, Lilies, specialty plants and more ~

Monday, April 19, 2010

last call for the potting party

YOU (yes YOU!) are invited
CMN potting party
Saturday April 24th
1 PM till we run out of soil or Tequila what ever comes last
256 Kirk Terrace North Dighton MA
Michelle Tarver 508-386-0759
call AARON for directions.( If you know ME you know why!)
What to bring?
Plants to share,soil, plastic pots,garden gloves hand tools( aka trowles) if you have them,beach chair,Most of all Desire to have fun and get messy!
You do not have to sign up,but it will help me buy enough limes and ice!So please if you know you are coming or, are thinking about it can you write your name below? Thanks! -Crazy Plant Lady, Michelle

Friday, April 16, 2010

Can I get an AMEN and Boogie woogie....

Mass Hort outreach and I FINALLY talked. Kathy G is WONDERFUL! And she gave me a hot tip on a sale tomorrow.... So relieved and hopeful. Now The Amazing Kathy has to pull volunteers out of thin air to help me!

Plus Arnold Arboretum in Jamacia Plain is donating Lilacs! Oh HAPPY DAY.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


8 days till the potting party

Breathing, people from work ARE gonna come to the party. I do need LOADS of dirt and pots still( and food and some adult beverages and kid stuff) But am glad they are coming.

14 days to the Plant sale start.

Mass hort IS coming.( Thank you GOD...). if I could just get to SPEAK to them instead of playing phone tag

Got some pots donated by Costco that will make a great herb garden collection type thing.

The Agribond I ordered in MARCH FINALLY showed up( in time for MORE frost...c'mon weather! Be nice for me please?!)

The Zabo Lilllies are growing quite nicely.
Still trying to line up pick ups for JP Bartlett's kind donations,and pleasant Gardens in NH. Need THOSE guys logos and Dana's at Broadway gardens, plus Kathy Berlos and Mass Horts for fliers and balloons.

Random facts:
Demo guy Ray is working is magic with a plant growing friend.. I have no idea what he will show up with... but I know it will be good. Ray is almost as nuts ad I am about this project

Aaron fainted when I said " For NEXT YEARS sale..

it takes 2 1/2 hours to water the plant sale farm by hand.

Keiran has come up with a slogan after helping me slog the water along.. there is strong and then there is "GARDEN STRONG" YEAH!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

And it get Better.. hear the sarcasm?

SO some bird brain (aka ME) left the majority of her seeds out side.. not a big deal until it RAINED.

I admit to crying when found them. Then all of us spent the next4 hours sowing anything that was not saveable. about 40 odd trays of seedlings9 its 8 six packs to a tray....

I am very tired of dirt.

SOS Save our sale. Please help

A hail Mary letter went out on Monday. So far no replies and There seems to be some confusion with MassHort the MG's speaker bureau. I was SOO counting on the MasterGardenrs to help staff the table. If you have a green thumb and want to spend a few hours directing people to the right plant for their needs and help sick kids at the same time PLEASE contact me!

To Whom It May Concern:

We are planning a charity plant sale to benefit Children's Miracle Network in support of Children's Hospital Bostonto be held beginning 30 April thru the end of May 2010 at Costco Avon. We would like your assistance.

We successfully facilitated a small-scale plant sale May 2009 and raised $3300. We aim to raise $10,000 in 2010. We are attempting to grow a great deal of the plants at my home. However, the recent flooding rains we received in March washed out a great deal of the plant material that was grown specifically for the sale for this year and plants intended for 2011.

We are asking for your support by replacing these plants though donations of:
Plants (herbs, veggies, perennials, annuals,bedding plants, shrubs, etc.)
* Growers mix and pots, fertilizers, insect and disease control products.

We are also in need of: *

Any staff that would like to spend a few hours sharing their knowledge of plants at the sale tables; monetary donations were always greater when a green-thumb was on hand to advise. Volunteers will receive a one-day shopping pass to Costco Avon, free parking, and a voucher for lunch at the food court.
Any other items you think would be helpful in our endeavor would also be welcome.

Costco Avon will provide one extra large Children's Miracle Network Balloon with your business information posted in a prominent location for any donation worth $250.00 at retail.

This request can be validated by contacting Shannon Lundholm (Warehouse Mgr),Ed Pope (Front End Assistant Manager) or Eric DeSatnick (Marketing Mgr) at Costco Avon, 120 Stockwell Dr, Avon, MA 02322, Tel 508-232-4001.

For any other questions, or to coordinate a donation, you may contact us directly.

Aaron and Michelle Tarver
256 Kirk Terrace

North Dighon MA 02764

Home phone 508-386-0759

Cell 774-273-0020 774-273-0018

We deeply appreciate your attention in this matter and look forward to hearing from you

Monday, April 5, 2010

What's sprouting.

Winter sowing is working! There are 10 bread trays with sprouted containers( only 8 that have none so over half! WHOO HOO) It's about 47 types of plants so far! The following seeds have sprouted:
Lupine( very light germination)
Triamdeau pansy
African daisy
nemisa Poetry lavender
mesculn mix lettuces
Centura Montana( bachelor buttons)
lil' finger carrots
Norther sea oats
MS wildflower mix
Statice Mix
Blue boy corn flower
Pink Bee balm
verbena bunos Aries
agastache Anastasie
sweet allysum
carnation can can Scarlet
giant princess mix annual aster
Moundry fountain gass
porcupine grass
white daisy
lambs ears
primrose fuchsia
white swan Echnecia
sweet willam
clematis from my seeds( so not going to come true,,possibly a nelly moser type)
purple Echnecia
Gentian Violet
cabbage dutch early flat
broccoli rabe
alyssum carpet of snow
snow ball cauliflower
pansy matrix bloch white
false queen anne lace
lobilla crystal palace
morning glory mix
bunny tail grass
blue eye daisy
Siberian wall f flower
Dill Mammoth

I sowed 27 flats of stuff today~! Tomato,sunflowers,pumpkins,beans,gourds,squashes,cukes.