Monday, April 5, 2010

What's sprouting.

Winter sowing is working! There are 10 bread trays with sprouted containers( only 8 that have none so over half! WHOO HOO) It's about 47 types of plants so far! The following seeds have sprouted:
Lupine( very light germination)
Triamdeau pansy
African daisy
nemisa Poetry lavender
mesculn mix lettuces
Centura Montana( bachelor buttons)
lil' finger carrots
Norther sea oats
MS wildflower mix
Statice Mix
Blue boy corn flower
Pink Bee balm
verbena bunos Aries
agastache Anastasie
sweet allysum
carnation can can Scarlet
giant princess mix annual aster
Moundry fountain gass
porcupine grass
white daisy
lambs ears
primrose fuchsia
white swan Echnecia
sweet willam
clematis from my seeds( so not going to come true,,possibly a nelly moser type)
purple Echnecia
Gentian Violet
cabbage dutch early flat
broccoli rabe
alyssum carpet of snow
snow ball cauliflower
pansy matrix bloch white
false queen anne lace
lobilla crystal palace
morning glory mix
bunny tail grass
blue eye daisy
Siberian wall f flower
Dill Mammoth

I sowed 27 flats of stuff today~! Tomato,sunflowers,pumpkins,beans,gourds,squashes,cukes.

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