Thursday, April 15, 2010


8 days till the potting party

Breathing, people from work ARE gonna come to the party. I do need LOADS of dirt and pots still( and food and some adult beverages and kid stuff) But am glad they are coming.

14 days to the Plant sale start.

Mass hort IS coming.( Thank you GOD...). if I could just get to SPEAK to them instead of playing phone tag

Got some pots donated by Costco that will make a great herb garden collection type thing.

The Agribond I ordered in MARCH FINALLY showed up( in time for MORE frost...c'mon weather! Be nice for me please?!)

The Zabo Lilllies are growing quite nicely.
Still trying to line up pick ups for JP Bartlett's kind donations,and pleasant Gardens in NH. Need THOSE guys logos and Dana's at Broadway gardens, plus Kathy Berlos and Mass Horts for fliers and balloons.

Random facts:
Demo guy Ray is working is magic with a plant growing friend.. I have no idea what he will show up with... but I know it will be good. Ray is almost as nuts ad I am about this project

Aaron fainted when I said " For NEXT YEARS sale..

it takes 2 1/2 hours to water the plant sale farm by hand.

Keiran has come up with a slogan after helping me slog the water along.. there is strong and then there is "GARDEN STRONG" YEAH!

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