Friday, December 23, 2011

A way to join in the fun

Seasons Greetings Fellow New Englanders,
For the past few years when people ask me what I want for Christmas I ask that they make a donation to a charity. It used to be St. Jude's and I would get a very nice acknowledgement card from them. I think most large organizations do this. This year a good friend of mine got married (she is in her 50's) and although it was her first marriage, she, like me, does not need another "thing". I gave her her wedding invitation in a silver frame and a donation to the Childrens' Hospital in Boston. (She was also sort of styling her wedding on a lower scale Will and Kate version and that was along the line of what they requested as wedding gifts).
In response to my "Question Impossible", along with great responses from diggerdee and diggingthedirt, gardenweed sent me a lot of perennial seeds to wintersow for Michelle's (ontheteam) Childrens' Hospital plant sale in May. I've tried wintersowing before with mixed results and was wondering if there is anyone out there who would be able to help. This is what I propose - if you're in the greater Boston area (I live in Newton) select at least 2 seed packages from the list below and wintersow them for the plant sale and "give" the plants and your time and efforts as a gift to someone this year (just include a notation in a card). As long as there are at least 20 plants (or if you pick more than 2 seeds, at least 10 plants per seed package) in the Spring, I'll come pick them up. If your wintersowing efforts are not successful, at least you tried and you'll get some experience for the future. If you succeed, you'll be donating some plants to the plant sale but also get to keep some to give the remainder to family, friends or swaps. Either way, you've given the person who has everything a gift of yourself to benefit the Childrens' Hospital. I'm trying to make this a win-win for everyone so if you're interested or have any other idea, please send me an email.
Thank you for you time and patience reading my long winded message. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!
Iris sibirica - Siberian iris (at least 50 seeds)
Stokesia laevis 'Klaus Jelitto' - Stokes Astor (at least 25 seeds)
Dianthus barbatus - Sweet William 'Sooty' (at least 50 seeds)
Baptisia australis - False Indigo 'Starlite Prarieblues' (at least 50 seeds)
Baptisia australis - False Indigo (at least 25 seeds)
Verbascum chaixil var. album - mullein 'Milk Shake' (at least 100 seeds)
Gaillardia aristata - Blanket Flower (at least 50 seeds)
Lychnis coronaria - Rose Companion (at least 100 seeds)
Dianthus plumarius - Cottage pinks (at least 25 seeds)
Hosta 'Sieboldiana Elegans' - Plantain lily (at least 100 seeds)
Leucanthemum/chrysanthemum x superbum - Shasta Daisy (at least 50 seeds)
Lupinus perennis - Lupine (red) (at least 25 seeds)
Penstemon digitalis - Foxglove beardtongue 'Mystica' (at least 50 seeds)
Trollius ledebourli - Chinese globeflower (at least 50 seeds)
Aquilegia - Columbine (mix)(at least 100 seeds)
Aquilegia vulgaris - Columbine 'Winky Mix' (at least 50 seeds)
Phlox paniculata - tall garden phlox mixed (at least 25 seeds)
Livingstone Seed Co. - 2 packages Lupine - Russell's Prize Mix
Livingstone Seed Co. - 1 package Foxglove - Gloxinaflora Mix
Burpee - 2 packages Iberis sempervirens - Candytuft
Burpee - 3 pacages Painted Daisy Mixed Colors - Margarita Mayor

Thursday, December 22, 2011

CMN Endorsement Letter for 2012 Sale ;)

Scroll down and click on the middle of the letter below to see a full screen view of it. is now specifically named in the letter.  Awesome!  :)

And 2012 plant sale prep starts!

So most of you are running around trying to tie up the 2011 loose and get set for Christmas... Well  ends here at Casa de cucoo.. We are gearing up for the 2012 CMN plant sale. Recruiting volunteers! Getting donation letters written,refining the address list. and choosing what seeds we are going to grow for you!  So Think warm May thoughts and think about how  YOU can help.