Monday, January 25, 2010

So it starts. Plant sale madness... 2010.

I should say "continues" as it really never stopped.  Since the inaugural plant sale last May I have been planting, planning, soliciting, scheming, coercing and collecting supplies and people and plants for May 2010.
I figure to sell about 3,000 plants and raise $10,000. If it was MORE that would be good, too!
I am about halfway there in  plants grown and will be dividing...  and the fabulous Connie who has agreed to  grow me some 'maters! WHOO HOO!  Hey, I am a glass-half-full kinda girl... I do have to make up the other half... I know, I know.. details minor details LOL...

But it's getting to be "GO" time.  The growing and begging for stuff starts in earnest this week, and Aaron since he started this pretty blog for me will have to migrate the old page stuff here.  That logo above is a pic he took last summer in our yard BTW.  Very nice, yes?!  He is very good with the camera (Nikon D70 with a Tokina Macro that he loves, for any Photo-philes out there)

So stay tuned... I'll get this sorted out and be posting what I have done, what I am up to, and sharing info for the people who are nuts enough to join me in my "little" obsession... like how to WinterSow seeds
How to grow from seed
and how to grow under light, how to compost.  If you follow the links I already gave ya, in the top left it says "Forums." Click that and read down the list; you will find more forums of dirt, plants and how to grow them then you could have GUESSED were taking up space on the internet.  See ya around!