Monday, May 12, 2014

We had a Banner weekend at the plant sale. This one weekend we raised around $3600.00 Thank you for your very generous support. We had Awesome donations EACH DAY of annuals and veggies from Lori Packard at Packard Farm in Brockton , She donated approx 115 flats of items and 3 dozen hanging plants this weekend alone. I get a lot of credit for the plant sale, but Lori deserves just as much credit if not more than me! I could not do it without her. We got a nice donation from Pleasant View Gardens in NH. They grow the Proven Winners series of plants. They donated 7 hangers and 4 trays of herbs. We have had wonderful volunteers from Massachusetts Master Gardener Association each day at the sale from 11-5. They have been super kind, helpful, professional, knowledgeable, and friendly! They are pretty much going to be there each day of the sale so come by and get your plant questions answered! Of course Marlene the magnificent has been there every day providing direction, spirit and enthusiasm and embarrassing stories about me. It was Mothers Day weekend and for MY mothers day gift I got to have help from my son Evan and my daughter Abby. Plus Mr Crazy Plant Lady Aaron..again someone else who does not get enough credit for all he does to make the sale work. He collects most of the donations, does all my IT and web work, Opens the sale each Friday and closes it each Sunday. Puts up with dirt in the kitchen, my anxious moments about what is growing (or not) and his willingness to embrace and make happen my crazy idea of a Costco sized plant sale. A few pics of a lovely Sunday at the Plant sale.

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