Tuesday, May 1, 2012

This year's sale (The 4th Annual CMN Plant Sale) is nearly upon us.

  • The replacement tie down anchors came in today, so the sign/banner is going up in front of Costco's entrance either today or tomorrow. I'll post a picture when I get it setup.
  • The old minivan is going to be converted back into "the plant wagon" this evening or tomorrow morning; I just have to gather up all of the shelving parts (that I stored somewhere in the basement). 
  • Lori Packard (of Packard Farms, Brockton, MA) is once again on-board. I'll be picking up our first van-load of flowering plants, and maybe herbs, this Thursday. 
  • Friday morning I will be at Costco (9am) to setup the racks in front of the store, so Marlene can begin selling the goods when she gets there at 10am. From there I will be driving to Loudon, NH to pick up a donation from Pleasant View Gardens. Perhaps I can persuade them to make an additional donation later in the month. 
Just a reminder that the sale is running through the month of May.  The official hours of the plant sale are Fri/Sat/Sun from 11am - 5pm (only 4 weekends this year, as opposed to 5 the past two years). These hours are just a guideline as we may actually start earlier and run later (depends how business is going).

BTW - A big thanks goes out to Susan G. of Newton, MA.  She invited us over and contributed numerous perennials from her garden; elephant ear hostas, Black-eyed Susans, Rose Campion and Ornamental Grasses to name a few.  (And thank you to Marlene for finding Susan on the Freecycle forums.)

If you know of anyone that might have something to contribute, please refer them to me.  If they have perennials to divide in their gardens I can provide pots to put them in.  Just let me know.

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