Tuesday, May 3, 2011

2011 sale is under way....

So we have had our 1st weekend of the 2011 sale.  We made around $1200.00 dollars for CMN, and look forward to having that number grow!
 Rember the hours are 11 am to 5 pm Fri.  Sat, Sunday. at 120 stockwell Dr in Avon MA and you do NOT need a  Costco membership to support the sale.
Marlene and Aaron and Keiran were he star volunteers of the week. I have been s-i-c-k and they kindly ordered me to stay home and rest.
Heather was our Cashier duJour and she Rocks.
Connie and Chris..aka" the Tomato people" have made their donations of beautiful rare tomatoes plants and hot pepper plants. So come on and check em out.  
Carlos is the man in command of CMN this year and i am enjoying his support.

Here are a few  notes related to the sale:
  • There will be a plant parking lot.
  • Remember when selecting plant material, bigger and blooming is not necessarily better.
  • Occasionally, a plant may be mislabeled. If this happens, please forgive us and feel free to ask for a replacement.

We grow the majority of our plants ourselves, so we can sell them to you at reasonable prices.
  • $3 to $4 for starter-sized plants.
  • $5 and up for shrubs, trees, large, rare, or prized varieties.
Our prices reflect the maturity, ease of propagation, or rarity of a plant. Our aim is to sell healthy, home-grown plants at reasonable prices.

We do have veggies: 6 kinds of Tomatoes.summer squash,green-beans,broccoli,Swiss chard,
Herbs and more veggies will be coming hopefully for mom's day weekend.

We will have a limited amount of Proven winners mixed hanging baskets starting Friday for Mom's day. Retail is $50.00 we are selling them for around $30.00

Ohh oh .. we have been chose by the "sisters plant sale" in Reading to receive the left over plants from their plant sale that benefits Make a Wish Foundation  http://sisterplants.com/welcome.html Please check them out and support them in their 15th year! .
 We will have their plants for the final weekend.

Also next week we will have  SEEDS for sale.. NE Seed Co has doanted a 48 pocket seed rack to us full of seeds.( Please do not let me buy it all myself!)  it's a mix of all the best sellers so come check it out and support CMN!

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