Sunday, January 23, 2011

offical 2011 begging letter.. yours to use if you want to help/.

If you have a place in mind you would like to ask to join this cause this is a sample of the letter I use. If you would like to C/p it feel free. If you need the letter I reference from Jen K at Children's Please let me know
23 Jan 2011



I am planning a charity plant sale to benefit Children's Miracle Network in support of Children's Hospital Boston (see enclosed) to be held this May 2011 . I would like your assistance.

I successfully facilitated a small-scale plant sale May 2010 and raised $10,500.00. I hope to raise $25,000 in 2011. I

I am asking for your support in donating:
Any plant material
propagation supplies (seeds, light carts, trays, plug cells, starting mix, plant tags, fertilizer, seed mats, etc)
Any staff that would like to spend a few hours sharing their knowledge of plants at the sale; monetary donations were always greater when a green-thumb was on hand to advise. Volunteers will receive a one day shopping pass to Costco Avon.
Any other items you think would be helpful in this endeavor would be welcome as well.

Costco Avon will provide one extra large Children's Miracle Network Balloon with your business information posted in a prominent location for any donation worth $500 at retail.

The 5 Costco locations in MA and NH, partnering with the Children's Miracle Network, raised over $149,000 for Children 's Hospital Boston in 2010. Please join us in helping a great cause that has tremendous impact on the lives of so many children and families.

This request can be validated by contacting Shannon Collins (Warehouse Manager) or Eric DeSatnick (Marketing Manager) at Costco Avon, 508-232-4001. Please see also the enclosed letter from Jennifer Kaczenski, manager of CMN Programs at Children's Hospital Boston.

For any other questions, or to coordinate a donation, you may contact me (or my husband Aaron) directly.

Michelle Tarver
256 Kirk Terrace
Norht Dighton MA 02764
H 508-386-0759
C 774-273-0020
CC: CMN letter

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