Friday, February 5, 2010

PSA from your plants:

  • Pleas use rain water or melted snow to water us. The chlorine in municipal water is NOT good for us.
  • Use a GROWERS MIX that has peat-moss and perlite in it ( Like Pro Mix) NOT miracle grow soil to start seeds under lights. The growers mix is good for preventing damp off that will kill young seedlings.
  • Bottom watering  ( placing tray of seedlings and soil in to a plan of water to take up water from the bottom is also helpful.
  • Do NOT  peat pots. They wick moister out of the soil mix and dry out to fast or if too wet can lead to damp off and fungus problems
  • Feed seedling under lights a VERY weak solution of fertilizer after the real leaves show up. (like 1 part fertilizer to 10 parts rain water

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