Thursday, February 25, 2010

60 days...and PANIC

Ok, So this is the low point. I am stressed, grumpy and W_O_R_R_I_E__D.  Worried I do not have enough plants committed or people committed or donations secured. I feel like I am pushing a 1969  Olds 88 up hill in the rain with one hand tied behind my back. I KNOW once I crest the hill it will be a fast fun ride...but the top of the hill feels a long long way off.

So what's a girl to do?
 I sketched the layout with one of the worker bees help ( Keiran aside from Playing a mean game of football spouting Math like his dad and cooking well can also draw.  I am sure he's mine but hes so talented I wonder how it happened some times! )

I potted up ALL THE tomatoes yesterday.( Marmand Supers weets early girls and 4th of July.
Aaron added more lights..that I stared Petunia baby duck and merlot madness under ( with thanks to BALL HORT)
I potted up the parsley and Cilantro in to 4" pots.
I made cuttings from  the  parsley and the basils

I practiced the cruel art of pinching plants to make the bushier and fuller on the Mini bell peppers and the Serrano Chillies... and used the pinches to make hopefully new plants.

Aaron made me a nice hot chocolate with Kahlua baileys and Kirkland vodka( if you have not tired it you should!)  and I Prayed.
God's idea of timing and mine do not match. but he is always just in time. So I'll keep pushing and hope I catch up to him soon. In the mean time if you want to help push please . Reach out and touch me OK?

Sketch of plant sale layout

Sketch of plant sale layout - #1

From Crazy Plant Lady

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Volunteers Needed - Tentative Schedule

We are in need of Master Gardeners (or other plant-smart people) to volunteer at the tables. Last year's sales and other donations were always greater when a plant-smart person was at the table.

The Plant sale is going to be each of the 5 weekends in May (Fri, Sat, Sun) from 10a - 6p.
Location: Costco Avon, 120 Stockwell Dr, Avon, MA 02322

April 30 - May 2 -- Featuring 4" Geraniums from JP Bartletts of Sudbury, MA.
May 7- May 9 (Mom's day) -- Featuring Proven Winners 10" hanging baskets from Pleasant View Gardens of Loudon, NH.
May 14 - May 16
May 21 - May 23 -- Highlighting on Heirloom tomato and veggies
May 28 - May 30 (Memorial day weekend) -- The lets-get-rid-of-all-the-plants sale... and featuring Flanders Poppies.

Set up and tear down is on the warehouse.

It may be inside the warehouse... that is still TBD. (But last year we were outside.)

What I DO know is: Each volunteer will get a 15 min break every 2 hours: a free one day shopping pass to Costco, and a voucher for lunch at the Costco food court. Parking and cold bottled water are free. And since it is at Costco... real bathroom facilities on site. (always a plus! lol)

We'd like to see 3 to 4 MG's do 4 hour shifts (10a-2p, 12n-4p and 2p-6p). We think we can keep 3 to 4 MG's pretty busy. So the more the merrier.

If the MG's have plant material to donate, we would welcome that as well. I am making bench cards for all the plants, so if they know what they are bringing and can tell me at least a week ahead of time... that would be helpful.

As I said before, Children's Miracle Network, on behalf of Children's Hospital Boston, will verify all volunteer hours so they can be credited towards volunteer requirements for the MG's.

Please click the link Join Our All-Volunteer Force (to the right)

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This post will be updated as necessary.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Winter Sown containers

The top picture is our winter sown containers as of 2010.02.09. The bottom picture is the same containers with a nice blanket of snow (as of 2010.02.16).

Monday, February 15, 2010

Plant Sale - Donor Updates

The last 2 days have provided a couple new partners.

Cathy Berlo, of the Garden Patch (59 New State Hwy, Rt 44, Raynham, MA), is on board to give to the sale this year. (She also gave last year.) She has not yet determined what she will contribute.


PVG is going to donate 10" hanging baskets ready to sell. We will probably feature them for the Mothers' Day Weekend. Unfortunately, PVG says we need to pick up the donation and they are 2+ hours drive from my house. Great donation. Hopefully there is someone closer to Loudon NH that will be willing to deliver them to Avon, MA.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

We interrupt the plant sale for this MOST Important Project....

 Aside from my Plants and my Hubby and my kids, I LOVE Bon Jovi's music.  Love it.  Anyone who knows me will attest to the hours I have assaulted their ears trying to sing along with the band's songs.

Guess what? The band called they want me to sing for them! ...Well Kinda... it's a contest to make a video and the winners in each city get to M_E_E_T THE _B_A_N_D!! I may get to hug Jon and NOT get arrested for it?!!

SWOON and WHOOT and I get to bring the family.( Yess Aaron you too..)

Now I have to tear myself away from seeds and dirt and plants and figure out how to use the video camera my mom gave us for Christmas.  It's a SIGN I tell ya!
WOOOHH HOOOO LIVING ON a Prayer take my hand we'll make it I swear!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

2009 Year in Pics for CMN and Garden Project

I think this is what Michelle really wanted to post last week (regarding pictures from last year).

Friday, February 5, 2010

 This is the plant wagon's 3rd and final trip to stock up the 2009 plant sale.

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This is what $300.00 worth of seeds looks like. About $150.00 from Job Lot and Valueseeds.
Lots of these seeds (pic taken last June) are already sown and going to be a nice healthy 2nd season perennial for the 2010 sale.
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OK, you KNOW you are a freak when you get EXCITED beyond words at bargain (broken bag clearance) potting mix, garden soil and cow poo!! This was our clearance bonanza of soil stuff last July at Wally's...  like $30.00 for all of it... and yes it is already used!

This is the generous seeds and pot donation from "nan" at the wintersowing forum on Garden web!
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Everyone asks "Do you have a farm or a greenhouse?" and often say, "you must have a lot of land."  I have 3/4 acre (mostly shaded) and no greenhouse or hoophouse or coldframe or even "real" grow lights

But with the worker bee's help (and the apprentice worker bees we birthed)  and a lot of creativity we manage to grow a lot of plants. The ones here are the plants I came home from the May 2009 sale and sowed to get ready for May 2010. (which is in 84 days if you are counting BTW)
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This is the JACKPOT of seed donations I got from Ball Horticultural!  I could cover Dighton with the seeds in here! WHOOT

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 My helper and entertainer.. She loves the plants as much as I do. But she makes sure I do not take it all too serious this is supposed to be relaxing right?? Right?! She is in front of the quasi greenhouse full of the 2010 perennials.
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Pics of the LOVELY donation I got from Blackmore Company!! NO MORE plastic cups! We are moving on up!!

PSA from your plants:

  • Pleas use rain water or melted snow to water us. The chlorine in municipal water is NOT good for us.
  • Use a GROWERS MIX that has peat-moss and perlite in it ( Like Pro Mix) NOT miracle grow soil to start seeds under lights. The growers mix is good for preventing damp off that will kill young seedlings.
  • Bottom watering  ( placing tray of seedlings and soil in to a plan of water to take up water from the bottom is also helpful.
  • Do NOT  peat pots. They wick moister out of the soil mix and dry out to fast or if too wet can lead to damp off and fungus problems
  • Feed seedling under lights a VERY weak solution of fertilizer after the real leaves show up. (like 1 part fertilizer to 10 parts rain water

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Note to self:

Have a sign at the plant sale asking for 2011 volunteers. Get email addresses so I can do a plant sale mailer for anyone who does not want to miss it!

Site updates

A little admin stuff here...

You'll notice on the sidebar a few extra links.
  1. Donation Tracking Sheet for In-Kind Donations - in the interest of true transparency I am publicly posting all in-kind donations. The only data publicly available shall be Company name, City, State, Donation Type/Description, Dates of Pledge and Receipt. If you don't see your donation listed give me a nudge.
  2. Send a Monetary Donation - We are not a legally recognized charity fundraising entity, so we shall not be personally accepting monetary donations. Checks can be written and mailed to the address provided. At your direction, the funds can be turned over to CMN directly or they can be directed to us to be put toward the plant sale.
  3. Join our All-Volunteer Force - Fill out the form and sign your life away tell us how you would like to contribute your time and talents. "Many hands make light work."
  4. Countdown to Plant Sale - Clock code provided by

HOLY $%@*! Only 85 days?! Now I'm stressed. :|

MORE good stuff.. this time in the mail!

A HUGE "THANK YOU" to Trudi D. of!

I filled out a SASE and she sent me a ziplock gallon baggie bursting with Veggie and Herb seeds. I glanced thru really quick... I'll catalog 'em tomorrow after work, but will be doing the happy dance all night thinking about those seeds!! WHOOT!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Exciting stuff!

So the plant sale prep is creeping along. The mass mailing went out Sat (Thank you, Mark O!) The Super Duo of Sheree and Heather spent lots of saliva to help me get them stuffed and closed. {note to self... next time use a SPONGE!}

Connie M and Chris W, who rode to my rescue last year with Tomato plants and peppers, have graciously agreed to grow some tasty heirloom 'Maters! Abdel B. is down to grow some veggies, and Lynne and Sheree are open to helping (but don't exactly know how just yet). Plus, I have several people, including Sam F, coming to my "Pot Party" in April to help "pot up" all the plants that accumulate here. So no cannabis, but I'll have margaritas and Bon Jovi!

I got GREAT news from Laura at J.P. Bartlett Co in Sudbury, MA; they have pledged us more than 8 dozen plants that will be READY TO SELL! They are a wholesaler that specializes in Geraniums! HUGE THANK YOU to them.


I am prayin the email and the phone and the mail box keeps humming with more good news like this!