Thursday, February 25, 2010

60 days...and PANIC

Ok, So this is the low point. I am stressed, grumpy and W_O_R_R_I_E__D.  Worried I do not have enough plants committed or people committed or donations secured. I feel like I am pushing a 1969  Olds 88 up hill in the rain with one hand tied behind my back. I KNOW once I crest the hill it will be a fast fun ride...but the top of the hill feels a long long way off.

So what's a girl to do?
 I sketched the layout with one of the worker bees help ( Keiran aside from Playing a mean game of football spouting Math like his dad and cooking well can also draw.  I am sure he's mine but hes so talented I wonder how it happened some times! )

I potted up ALL THE tomatoes yesterday.( Marmand Supers weets early girls and 4th of July.
Aaron added more lights..that I stared Petunia baby duck and merlot madness under ( with thanks to BALL HORT)
I potted up the parsley and Cilantro in to 4" pots.
I made cuttings from  the  parsley and the basils

I practiced the cruel art of pinching plants to make the bushier and fuller on the Mini bell peppers and the Serrano Chillies... and used the pinches to make hopefully new plants.

Aaron made me a nice hot chocolate with Kahlua baileys and Kirkland vodka( if you have not tired it you should!)  and I Prayed.
God's idea of timing and mine do not match. but he is always just in time. So I'll keep pushing and hope I catch up to him soon. In the mean time if you want to help push please . Reach out and touch me OK?

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  1. Hot chocolate with Kahlua baileys and Kirkland vodka?? Sounds wonderful! Best wishes for your plan - I am sure all will go well. This will be my 7th year WS and have little enthusiasm (middle-age low-grade depression for lack of a better description). I also hope to start under lights for the very first time - I hear it is easy?? Anyway - I shall follow your road to definite success!
    Anna -