Saturday, January 11, 2014

I am planning a charity plant sale to benefit Children's Hospital Boston to be held this May 2014. I would like your assistance.
I have successfully facilitated this plant sale since May 2009. and raised $33,000.00 Costco in Avon donates the space for the sale
I hope to raise $15,000 in 2014. I am attempting to grow a great deal of the plants at my home without the benefit of a greenhouse.

This year's goal is going to take a lot more plants and I am looking forward to the challenge of growing them.
    I am asking for your support in donating
  • any plant material ,
  • propagation supplies (seeds,light carts,trays, plug cells, starting mix, plant tags,,fertilizer seed mats, etc., etc.)
  • Any staff that would like to spend a few hours sharing their knowledge of plants at the sale.( they will get a one day shopping pass to Costco Avon)
  • Any items or advice you think would be helpful in this endeavor.. would be welcome as well.
Costco Avon will provide one extra large Children s Miracle Network Balloon with your business information for any donation worth $500.00 at retail.
The 5 Costco locations in MA and NH partnering with the Children's Miracle Network raised over $140,000 for Boston Children 's Hospital in 2013. Please join us in helping a great cause that has a tremendous impact on the lives of so many Children and Families.

You may call Shannon Collins, Warehouse Manager, or Carlos Marketing Manager at 508-232-4000 to verify this request.
Thank you for your help in this matter.
Michelle Tarver
508-386-0759 ( home)
774-273-0020 ( cell)

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