Saturday, April 17, 2010

Update via Photos 4-17 and 4-10

Photos from 2010.04.17

Photos from 2010.04.10


  1. The Ariel view is ALL the current growing areas. There is the "hot house" the 6x8 shed it is about 20 degrees hotter in there than outside during the day and about 10 degrees warmer at night. The seeds start out in there.. since they need HEAT to germinate. Once they have real leaves They go on to the low tunnel.
    There are 2 tunnels one has itty bitty newly sprouted plants, tunnel 2 has the sprouted growing plants that have about 4-6 real leaves
    The milk jug collection near the tree stump on the rihgt of the pic are the ones with sprouts that need to be potted up. They have 2 to 4 sets of true leaves.. The lilles in the middle are what you see is what you get... and the milk jugs on the left are not awake yet or to teeny to pot up.

  2. Thanks Jenn, I can't say well done till it is ALL done tho. even
    *I* must admit I am a little sick of dirt. And I am a little disappointed in the lack of support from people at work