Thursday, March 4, 2010

The lilies are here!

In  50 lb boxes Each with mini pallets around them to protect them. (working at Costco I guess makes this notable and amusing. itty bitty pallets VS giant ankle crushing ones) .

They are outside and its too dark for a pic but I am hoping to get one tomorrow. Its an impressive packing job really..and should make beautiful plants! I am thinking 3 tubers per 4" pot all of same cultivar.. I have 2 kinds.
I am trying to help apply that rule of 3's for landscaping symmetry...and I think I can sell more plants that way .

This sale is shaping up to be FUN.  Boss Lady is making Jewelery! I can't wait to see it... Hey it's for a good cause!! And Chrissy is making "Toothfairy" pillows ... loosely alnog these lines.

I have to get off my butt and decide on Crafts and load up Heather B with the supplies.. Patrice is making phone calls to al the garden clubs and craft stores to see who can help. Sheree is calling the nurseries I need  SOIL for the real gardeners and PLANTS. Aaron is hitting up hardware stores for conduit so he can build me some mini hoop houses. Johnnys seed let me buy the coverings at 25% off.  OH and WICKED PISSA COOL.. a lady we will call by her online name "Garden weed" is sending me pots... and has mentioned she may have plants for 2011! Yep I said I am officially planning 2011 sale already! AND another internet stranger from WAAYYY UP north  (past you Muscles Mo') has volunteered to come to the end of the universe (aka Dighton MA) and help with the POT PARTY in April! How ya like them apples!! 

In the next few days I gota get those lilles potted, start tomitillos under lights,pinch all the plants I DO have under lights . It's heartbreaking at 1st but it makes a better plant you pinch off the big top growth to make the plant put on more so its stronger and fuller. And you can use the pinches to make new plants . But I have about 300 plants under lights.
So it's time consuming.
I need to start a bunch of Herbs and finish all the Winter sowing. Thankfully I am running out of WINTER! 56 days till plant sale and 32 days till SPRING!!  So its going all right need more dirt pots bodies and plants  but it is a controlled chaos... (do you really believe that?!)

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